Design Services

I am a product design consultant ready to get your product or feature launched. I work with clients at any stage of product development from early product strategy to helping redesign user flows months before launch. Through human-centered design methodology, my process focuses on creating successful user experiences that meet the organization’s goals. My designs are scalable for future growth and I will work closely with your engineering team to ensure technologically feasible designs.

Digital Products 

I design for a range of digital products and can adjust to meet your product needs. 

  • Smart-Phone Apps: iOS , Android, and app agnostic 

  • Tablets

  • Web Apps

  • Connected Devices, Internet of Things 

  • Product interfaces

Product Strategy 

I work closely with you to understand the current organization, customer problems, and the value proposition of your product. This allows me to understand your core needs and I develop a custom strategy plan to ensure that your product goals are met. 

  • Innovation consulting

  • MVP definition 

  • Feature prioritization

  • Product definition 

  • Competitive analysis: business and design

Understanding the User

Clearly understanding the users helps define product features and how and where the product will be used. Doing ethnographic research as well as understanding the user journey and creating a journey map or sketch directs the prioritization of product features.  

  • Ethnography

  • User research

  • User journey maps and storyboards

  • User personas

  • User stories


User Experience and Interface (UX/UI) Design:

Using user insights and defined product goals I start designing. Using design-thinking methodologies I work fast to develop low-fidelity prototypes to test various solutions against the product hypotheses.

  • Information Architecture 

  • Site Maps

  • User flows 

  • Wireframes

  • Low-Fidelity Prototypes (paper, digital wireframe)

  • Agile Iteration 

Prototyping and User Testing

As features and functionality get closer to completion, I test the features and usability of the product in person or digitally to validate that solutions are meeting product goals.   

  • UX Audit

  • Usability testing

  • Interaction prototype design

  • High-Fidelity Mockups

Design Production

I create digital-first assets and high-fidelity mock-up. I work with your developer team to launch the product.  

  • Design Systems

  • Design library 

  • Visual Design 

  • Design Interactions

  • Illustrations and custom icons

  • Digital Artifacts